A Review of Trading Nation by Maureen O’Donnell

Trading Nation is an online financial news network that not only shows stock traders and investors how to make use of today’s information to their profit, but it also teaches those in the market how to stay on top of what’s going on in the world of investments. This is done through weekly episodes that provide updated stock market charts, trends, and information on fundamental and technical analysis. The show features interviews with industry leaders and expert panel members, as well as from among your own stock brokers and investors. In addition, the trading network offers a number of tools and resources that are designed to help you learn to be a more effective investor and trader.

International trade is one of the most important issues facing the world today. With the decline of manufacturing due to cheap labor around the world, companies have been forced to downsize or relocate all together. In response, more companies have turned to international trade as a way to keep their costs low and maximize their profits. As a result, international trade has become almost a trillion dollar market, with trillions of dollars exchanging hands every single day. Trading Nation wants to help you learn how to make the most out of this market for its investors and subscribers.

Starting in May of 2021, Trading Nation began covering Canada as part of our international trade coverage. We’ve learned that Canada is one of the main places that American and European stocks and bonds make their way into. For this reason, the show takes special interest in analyzing the movement of these assets, what makes them unique, and how you can take advantage of them when trading in Canada.

For example, one of the key indicators that we use to analyze trading nationally and internationally is the price of exports. Exports and imports are priced in the same manner, so understanding what is going on with both the imports and exports of a particular currency is crucial to your ability to be successful. For example, if an exporter is having trouble selling his or her goods because of a dispute with a Chinese client, we will note it and explain why the issue exists. We’ll also note that as the Chinese economy and the Chinese government continues to develop, so does the demand for exports from Canada. This means that Canadian companies have even more access to the global markets!

Another aspect of Trading Nation that we discuss in depth is the relationship between the United States and China. Both countries are trading partners, but not always in good relations. Since the US is generally critical of China’s trade practices, we have been conducting articles highlighting the methods both countries use to gain an economic advantage, as well as how these practices could affect the stability of the Asian financial system. We also take a look at what the ramifications would be if the US expels its citizens from China, something that could happen at any time. You can expect this article to continue being updated as events transpire.

As you can see, Trading Nation takes a close look at the international trade aspect of the global economy, and examines four main issues that affect the stability of the American economy. We’ve also looked at the impact of Canada’s trade surplus and the role of the United States, China and the EU as trading partners in the emerging global economy. All in all, this book provides an interesting general overview of international trade, as well as a detailed examination of some of the key issues surrounding Canada’s export-based economy. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about global trade and the types of challenges faced by businesses trading internationally.